Tarmac Repairs Kent

Unlike imprinted concrete, block paving and the many types of natural stone, tarmac is a relatively cheap surface to lay. The big problem with tarmac, especially if it is not laid correctly, is that it can quickly deteriorate under constant use and exposure to sunlight.

There are many tarmac driveways in Kent, Surrey and South East London that need refurbishment. Some may only need minor repairs prior to re-coating and others may be at the point where re-laying is the only option. We use Tarmaseal from Smartseal that will rejuvenate tarmac to make it look like a new surface. As long as the tarmac is in a reasonable condition, the tarmac restorer from Smartseal will transform the look of the tarmac.

We have detailed below what the tarmac restoration process involves:

  1. The tarmac is pre-treated with fungicidal wash to algae and moss
  2. The tarmac is pressure washed to remove any dust and dirt
  3. Loose tarmac chipping (fretting) are brushed off the surface
  4. Minor repairs if required, are then carried out
  5. Two coats of the tarmac restorer are applied by roller

If you live near Orpington in Kent or in South East London and would like a FREE no obligation quotation for tarmac restoration, please call 0800 988 0348. You can also send your enquiry by completing our online enquiry form.

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