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Decking has been installed to the rear of thousands of homes across Kent, Surrey and South East London. It may look great at first but many homeowners do not realise that decking is not really suitable to the damp UK climate and can deteriorate quite quickly after installation.

Green algae and moss are particular problems when it comes to decking maintenance. If left unchecked these forms of rapid spreading surface growth can make the decking very slippery, especially after rainfall. UV rays from sunlight will also result in the decking losing some of its original colouring over time.

To clean decking effectively without causing damage to the wood, its important to use the right  decking cleaning equipment. We have professional rotary headed pressure washing equipment that will swiftly remove dirt, moss, algae and bird stains from your decking without marking the wood.

Once dry, we can also treat the decking with a good quality decking oil to make it look like a new deck and provide additional protection from deterioration.

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